Cheeseboard Making Class


Come and experience the crafts of woodworking by making a cheeseboard that will leave you feeling rewarded. Bring your friends and family along to share this unique experience! 


Looking for a one-day woodworking project that will leave you feeling like a champ? Look no further and give a cheeseboard-making class a try!

Our cheeseboard-making class is a fun 3-hour course that is designed to bring out the creative craftsman in you. The class covers the basics of woodworking and handling essential equipment such as a bandsaw, belt sander, plunge router, and random orbital sander. All the essential woodworking skills that will open the gateway to your journey as a craftsman!

Feeling creative and wanting to design your shape? You can request our instructors before the class begins and we will make it happen for you!

Our skilled instructors will guide you through picking the perfect board, cutting, and finishing a unique product you’d be proud to put on display.

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