Bowl Turning Class


Are you looking for an activity that feels meditative and challenging at the same time? You will definitely want to give our Basic Bowl Turning Class a go.

In the span of 3 hours, you will learn to transform a chunk of solid wood into a beautiful wooden bowl and a pile of wood shavings. Come and learn the techniques of woodturning and unlock the craftsman within you.

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As seen in popular woodworking videos on TikTok and Instagram, you too can learn to create a unique wooden bowl to serve your cereal in when you sign up for our bowl-turning class.

Become a bowl turner in the span of 3-hour under the guidance of our skilled instructors.

Unlike Cheeseboard Making Class, this class focuses solely on the basics of a wood lathe and the techniques involved in shaping the bowl to your desired design. Limited slots are available for each session.

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